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At various meetings of the SLSQ, reports of misbehaviour at Surf Carnivals have been noted with grave concern. The Australian Council has resolved that each Team Manager be notified by special notice of his obligations and responsibilities to his club, and to Surf Life Saving Australia.

It is an express condition of acceptance of club entries for the %event_name that the club's Team Manager signs this certificate, verifying that he has read and will do everything in his power to comply with this notice. Each club is now requested to ensure the following items and conditions are implemented:

1. Each club travelling to the %event_name shall have a Team Manager duly appointed by the club in resolution or action.
2. The Team Manager shall be held responsible to the club and to the SLSA for the conduct of all his team members in travelling to, during, and returning home from the %event_name
3. Any group of two of more members who depart the main body of the team (for purposes of travel or any other reason), shall have a Sub-Manager appointed by the Team Manager for the duration of their departure.
4. Team Managers shall, at all times, exercise control over their teams and ensure member's conduct and appearance does not have an adverse bearing upon the good name of his club nor the Association.
Special care is to be exercised at high density congregation points, especially air or bus terminals and during the trip. Air Navigation orders lay down procedures as regards intoxication, interference to air crews, disorderly or offensive behaviour, and any act that threatens the safety of the aircraft. Any person contravening this order is guilty of an offence.
Before departing your accommodation point - the Team Manager shall conduct an inspection of the rooms accompanied by the Manager, and preferably a senior member of the team. It shall be confirmed that no complaints are being made, nor will be made re the team's conduct or conditions of accommodation fixtures.
7. A report shall be furnished to the club by the Team Manager immediately following the completion of the Championships (within 14 days) and report any misconduct or complaint.
8. Team Managers should be cautious of the exchange of team uniforms during or at the Carnival, as mis-reporting of incidents may occur.
9. Remember that the venue of the 
%event_name is the traditional support base for local clubs and any misconduct will certainly be noticed and jeopardise future activities of those clubs. You can readily imagine the situation applied in reverse.
10. The Host Branch have been instructed to form a Judiciary Committee which will hold itself ready for a meeting in the event of any complaint. Such Committee shall have the power to also act at the time and shall have jurisdiction over any Lifesaver attending the State Titles or associated Carnivals held at that time.
11. Team Managers should wear club shirts sign written with "TEAM MANAGER".

I certify that I have read the special Notice to Team Managers and am fully aware of the Association’s Code of Conduct for Members and Member Protection Policy.


I certify that:
1. All members listed on the carnival entry form are holders of the appropriate Association Awards and that all fees have been paid, proficiency tests completed, and that Under 19, Under 17, and Under 15 events comply with the Association's minimum age requirements on or before 30th September in the surfing season in which the member desires to compete, and further that all patrol obligations as required by the Association's and Club's regulations have been met.
2. All members listed on the carnival entry form have correctly completed and signed the Association for membership form.
3. The Club Team Manager is fully aware of his responsibilities whilst in charge of the team, and that he/she has read and is aware of the “SLSA Membership Protection Policy” and the “SLSQ Code of Conduct for Members” & holds a Working with Children Check ‘Blue Card’.
4. The team will be travelling to the Championships by:

The Team Manager will be
Officer 1
Officer 2

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